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Have you had

enough of





I can help you feel better

You no longer need to be struggling on your own anymore

I am here to help you experience the change, relief and freedom to ‘STOP struggling & START thriving’

Who would you be without your anxiety?

Does this sound like you…

  • Experience panic attacks
  • Feel stuck with whirling thoughts, feelings & emotions
  • Tired of living in fear
  • Feeling on edge
  • Tired & overwhelmed
  • Easily triggered or emotionally reactive
  • Not living your best life


  • Panic becomes a thing of the past
  • Being in control of those pesky thoughts, feelings & emotions
  • Feeling confident & calm
  • Feeling relaxed & open to the challenges of life
  • More energised & happy
  • Triggers become a thing of the past
  • Living your best life

Sharon Herbert – Anxiety / Trauma Therapist & Coach

Seeing yourself differently is often the first step to living

the life you truly want to live.

Hi, I’m Sharon – it’s my hunch that you are here because you are feeling stuck in a cycle of stress, anxiety, overwhelm or effected by trauma.

I am here to help you experience the change, relief & freedom to ‘stop struggling & start thriving‘.

I have worked with 100’s of people who were struggling, who no longer knew who they were and who have overcome their struggles with my help with the use of proven evidenced based therapies.

I work both in person and online, your geographical location need NOT be a barrier!

Stop battling


I help you to understand stress & how to build resilience & capacity for a happy life

Learn to tame


I specialise in helping you overcome anxiety by seeking out the root cause

The antidote to


I will show you how to reset & settle your nervous system to a place of calm



Through my trauma focused approach I will help you heal from trauma & move into Post Traumatic Growth


how we work, how you tick & how you got here


tools not to just manage but to bring about real change and a new way of living

Create lasting change

with support and accountability from not just an expert, from someone who has been there

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Could this be you?

“I had severe anxiety and depression to the point I wouldn’t leave my house. I would constantly have debilitating panic attacks every day, my mind would race 24/7 with negative thoughts, I couldn’t sleep and I felt completely hopeless, I couldn’t see a way out.

 Working with Sharon has literally changed my life for the better. Sharon has gone above and beyond to help me. Through our one to one sessions, making me personalised recordings to listen to and ‘homework’ to do between sessions.

Sharon has taught me how to change my mindset from constant negativity to finding the positives in anything. Sharon has given me the tools to not only understand and cope with anxiety but to overcome it. I am no longer depressed, and I can leave my house again, I feel like I’ve got my life back.”


“Working with Sharon has been life changing for me, working through past trauma’s with her approach has taught me things about myself I never thought possible. I now have a zest for life, I am more present and have one hell of a positive attitude about the future.”


Sharon has fantastic knowledge and understanding because not only is she highly trained in her profession but she has experienced the darkness and this gives her so much more empathy to the individual.

All I can say is without Sharon my life would not be in colour, I have so much gratitude and respect for Sharon. My life has meaning, it has changed my mindset from hopeless, that I am a waste of space to this world, hopeless mother and a hopeless professional. I was so stressed, not sleeping, being sick through anxiety and crying all the time.

My main thing is that I am standing tall, I take life as it comes, I see beauty in things that were only shadows and I feel so alive.


Naomi F.

“I saw Sharon as I have always been afraid of heights/falling and that was holding me back from achieving my dream job. After 2 sessions I went on a high ropes course and ended up loving every moment of it.

For the first ever I felt calm, confident and excited at heights. That fear has now turned into excitement. I recommend Sharon to anyone who has a phobia, trauma or anxiety. Good person and a great therapist.”



I cannot begin to thank Sharon enough. The techniques that Sharon taught me during my sessions to handle and deal with my anxiety are invaluable and I use them more than I expected. She has helped me work through panic attacks and a few things that I had been struggling to make sense of. I never have Sharon an easy task.

Sharon was so patient with me and so understanding.


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