Through my trauma focused approach I will help you heal from trauma & move into Post Traumatic Growth

Trauma or PTSD presents differently in all of us. You don’t have to have served in the Military or Emergency Services to become the victim of this condition. Trauma can interfere with your everyday functioning, a drip feed of many different significant emotional events or adverse experiences.

Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares, debilitating anxiety as well as overthinking about the event, with behaviours that may include avoidance of certain places, methods of transport, crowded places with over heightened vigilance that can lead to suicidal thoughts.

I have a particular interest in working with clients from the Emergency Services, I have had a number of clients who have been diagnosed with PTSD and have been labeled as ‘too complex’ to undertake treatment through the NHS or whom have endured excessive waiting times for specialist treatment, all with extremely successful outcomes.

A monumental shift with recovery from PTSD can be to find and accept a new normal rather than trying to return to life as we knew it before the illness.