Some of the things I can help you with:

I specialise in helping people break FREE from Anxiety, Overwhelm and Trauma, so that you STOP striving and START thriving. 

Having helped many people with a wide range of issues, big & small, of all ages, one thing is for sure, if  you think your mind is involved, (which it often is) I can usually help.

My integrative mind-body approach will help you to recover from the pain of traumatic events at a deep level, having walked my own path to healing, I know how profound and transformative this is. 

Our FREE breakthrough call will allow us to explore things further together without any commitment.  Most people find these incredibly useful whether we choose to work together or not.

You may be an employer seeking alternative wellbeing interventions for your staff through your normal Occupational Therapy offering or an educational setting seeking to create a culture that fosters emotional wellbeing and resiliency – they don’t just have to be words! – I can help.  


Do you experience the ebbs and flow of life? One minute feeling like you are coping well and life seems great? The next you hit a wall and tumble, feeling exhausted, anxious and overwhelmed with no apparent reason?

We all have our limits over what we can and can’t manage, time and energy wise. If the experience of episodes of overwhelm are a cycle you recognise then it is highly likely that there is more then just ‘life’s stressors’ in play. 

Overwhelm can be fuelled by a complex structure, from early needs not being met, perfectionism, personality, values, beliefs and much more.

40yr old male with repitative episodes of overwhelm “My sessions with Sharon helped me come to terms with where I am at right now and how I got here. She enabled me to unlock vast different life experiences in order to understand my own thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Since meeting with her, I’ve been able to release much overwhelm and accept what has happened. I can see a brighter future; a future I want.”


Confidence & Self Esteem:

Things you want to do or opportunities that you are afraid to grasp, but something is holding you back? Whether its not taking the next steps in relation to events you want to happen in your life, for example not applying for that promotion, being over run by your ‘inner critic’, having an overwhelming need for perfectionism or just feeling constantly overwhelmed or stressed.

I love working with clients to help them to understand that low self esteem is extremely common and working on deeper beliefs to overcome this has become one of the biggest game changers in my therapeutic practice. How many times have you heard “But they seem so confident…”

…. Male late 30’s Confidence to take the next steps in Promotion Sharon you are understated, I was frightened of stepping up as I thought I wouldn’t be good enough, but for the sake of my family I needed to think about increasing my earning potential. With just 4 sessions you made be realise that the very thing holding me back was my fear of failure, I had become safe where I was, it was what I knew and loved but I needed to get out of my own way – you gave me a new confidence and have been an absolute rock with not only supporting me in the process of promotion but also in seizing the idea that I am capable of so much more”


We all ‘do’ anxiety differently, for some it may be feeling overwhelmed with mounting everyday fears and worries, being unable to switch off and relax. For others, symptoms can be immensely physical – these can be debilitating and worrying, with panic attacks that can lead to uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.

I work with clients regularly with anxiety and have shown how identifying and understanding our unconscious patterns that create anxiety we can break free from them. Clients report becoming more resilient and confident when faced with new stressors and are able to either report a complete removal or drastic reduction in physical symptoms.


…. Female, 35yrs “Thanks Sharon for giving up your time for me, within the 40 min chat we had you gave me more tools to think about and use, such as the idea of the ‘Circle of Excellence’ then I have had in over 3 years of Counselling and CBT for my Anxiety – already I can see the benefits of working with you and feel instantly better about what my future may look like”


When juggling our work, family and social lives or something just begins to feel too much and becomes a trigger for a stress response it is often difficult to pin down the actual cause. Often linked to anxiety when we have difficulty in stopping ourselves from worrying about the future.

Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy I can help you identify and resolve the root cause and give you a ‘toolbox’ of techniques to assist you to access the inner calm, we can also work on exploring how stress or challenging experiences can actually be beneficial to our own health and development.

….Female late 40’s victim of Domestic Abuse / Coersion etc

Sharon puts you at ease the moment you walk into her home. After each session I feel relaxed and safe. Her ability to make you feel empowered to tackle or face issues that have taken you to her is amazing. 

Her knowledge and skills are amazing and I am positive that Sharon will get me strong enough to face the other side of what has been so far an emotional and traumatic journey.

The use of Hypnotherapy and relaxation recording has also assisted me to sleep without the use of medication.. so thank you!’





Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD):

Like all of the above, PTSD presents differently in each of us and is quickly becoming more common. You don’t have to have served in the Military or Emergency Services to become the victim of this condition that can interfere with your everyday functioning, trauma can be a drip feed of many different significant emotional events or adverse experiences.

Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares, debilitating anxiety as well as overthinking about the event, with behaviours that may include avoidance of certain places, methods of transport, crowded places with over heightened vigilance that can lead to suicidal thoughts.

I do have a particular interest in working with clients from the Emergency Services, I have had a number of clients who have been diagnosed with PTSD and have been labeled as ‘too complex’ to undertake treatment through the NHS or whom have endured excessive waiting times for specialist treatment with extremely successful outcomes. 

A monumental shift with recovery from PTSD can be to find and accept a new normal rather than trying to return to life as we knew it before the illness.

….Male 45yrs Trauma based PTSD ‘You understood me, you got me and you made me feel a lot more grounded then I have ever been. I have gone from being a nervous wreck to someone who can now navigate crowded places without the constant need to check over my shoulder, even Tescos has been a revelation. For the first time in almost 5 years I am no longer on Beta Blockers and I feel like I have the bit of the ‘me’ back that I thought had gone forever – thank you Sharon’

Pain & Physical Illness:

Understanding, enhancing and focusing the powerful connection between the mind and the body can be extremely effective in alleviating, or enabling you to manage, symptoms of physical illness.  There are techniques I use and very carefully adapt to your specific needs and circumstances to work with symptoms you are experiencing. Some of the conditions and illnesses that can benefit from this include IBS, tinnitus, insomnia, hypertension, bladder control, fibromyalgia and back pain.

…. Female early 60’s Fibromyalgia suffer for 30yrs “I just wanted to thank you so much for what you are doing for me, I tried the relaxation recording and I am blown away, my head feels clear and body so less tense. I came home yesterday more chilled then ever and could have fallen asleep this afternoon. I keep practicing my anchor and using the other tools too which have helped. Thank you for everything so far, I am incredibly grateful”

Phobias & Fears:

If suffering from a phobia or fear is restricting your life, whether its a fear of flying, seeing the dentist or being in the same room as a spider or any number of others and any of these are preventing you  from enjoying your life to its fullest then I can help you within surprisingly  few sessions.

You don’t have to live with this angst; you can live your life as you were meant to without these fears, you weren’t born with them, you have acquired them through time and Cognitive Hypnotherapy can easily help you be rid of them.

….Female early 50’s fear of the Dentist “I wish I had found you years ago, just two sessions and my absolute fear of the dentist is as good as gone, still not my favourite place to be but I can stomach it and no longer fall asleep feeling sick about the idea of going”


love to help people climb out of their addictions, gain balance and ownership of their lives and strive towards a life they really want. By gaining a deep awareness of how addictive patterns function, exploring the full potential of thriving in recovery and making a conscious decision to self regulate without external sources of relief that are destructive. 

If you are looking for an approach and a therapist that promises to give you longer term support rather then just a quick temporary fix then give me a call. I support all my addiction clients through a complete journey to sobriety, we will work on limiting beliefs which are fundamentally responsible for your drive away from pain and in search of pleasure. We will work through helping your mind to change patterns of behaviour. We will work to change your core beliefs, instil new beliefs, and find that new purpose.

Whether you  are looking for help with Drug, Alcohol, Food, Pornography or even Gaming addictions then my support is the same, remember it’s not just about stopping.

….Mother of 16yr old client “Sharon you have been an absolute God send. I don’t know where my son would be without you. I can’t thank you enough. He was really struggling with smoking weed. We turned to you after working with a number of other therapists who just stuck a plaster on him and made him happy in the short term, he’s now a lot more motivated to continue with helping himself whilst working with you”