‘Helping you find your Inner Balance

A 3 month blended group programme that combines a number of therapeutic and coaching methods that will help you unlock a life BEYOND anxiety

Next start date 22nd April 2024

Any of these sound familiar?


Feel stuck with whirling thoughts, feelings & emotions


Tired of living in fear


Experience panic attacks


Always feel on edge


Tired and overwhelmed



Being in control of those pesky thoughts, feelings & emotions


Feeling confident and calm


Panic becomes a thing of the past


Feeling more relaxed and open to the challenges of life


More energised and happy

Working together over the 3 months you will experience change, relief and freedom to STOP struggling and START thriving…

Not Sure, then don’t just take it from me:

 Having Sharon not only for accountability but as a genuinely interested progress partner during the whole 3 months made a huge difference to the change that I experienced, working online and in a group actually worked – I now have a life beyond anxiety!

– Robert F

 Thank you, I was so excited for this, 2 months in and so much learning about myself and relief already.. I have adopted new habits that have been so easy to implement. A huge reduction in anxious thoughts.

– Jane S

 I have completed Sharon’s ‘Helping you find your Inner Balance’ programme, I was completely overwhelmed with life and never thought a group programme would be of such benefit. I am so pleased I trusted Sharon. Thank you so much; this is the beginning to a new lifelong lifestyle change for good, anxiety free!

– Joanna P

This programme is right for you if…


  • You have tried all sorts of personal development, listened to podcasts, tried Apps and been through therapy and yet still struggling.
  • You are happy to learn the theory and undertake ‘growth-work’ on yourself to become your own therapeutic coach and healer – therefore not expecting someone else to ‘fix you’.
  • You can commit to the 3 months, with 4 x 1 hour live online group sessions and self paced learning.
  • You have an open mind and are willing to listen to and try new things.
  • You are happy to work within a small group as well as being motivated to work independently – yet still being supported with accountability – the power of being vulnerable and sharing is truly transformational.

How it works…

Self paced online video and audio

Live Sessions

Live Group Sessions and ongoing community support

Growth work that will stretch you

Included in this transformational programme:


1 powerful weekly pre-recorded lesson.


Bite-sized chunks of 5-10 minutes of pre-recorded videos and audios lasting no more than 40 minutes a week.


Easy-to-follow audio exercises that will help you shift beyond anxiety.


3 x 1 hour live group therapeutic coaching sessions on Zoom.


I am in your back pocket with support via email.


2 Integration weeks - a time to pause, reflect and integrate the lessons.


A place to connect and feel supported by others on this healing journey BEYOND anxiety.

Early Bird Offer

‘Helping you find your Inner Balance‘ – a 3 month blended group programme is available for a very limited time at the accessible and inclusive price of £397*  – will go up to £697 on 31st March 2024!

* Early bird participants will be requested to complete a short feedback survey.

‘Helping you find your Inner Balance’ is designed specifically to help you understand yourself at a deeper level, to build the solid foundations so that you can unlock a life BEYOND anxiety using simple but proven strategies, techniques and lifestyle tweaks through my proven process. Partnering for 3 months, you will progress through the ‘Helping you find your Inner Balance‘ online pathway, which involves a number of weekly 5-10 minute self-paced videos (all doable bite-sized chunks), no more then 40 minutes per week.

As you watch these I will give you exercises to implement so you can move forward quickly and start to experience the change, relief & freedom away from anxiety.

As you navigate the milestones throughout the program you will receive my personal input on these as you progress through in the form of 4 live group coaching sessions over the 3 months and I will remain your progress partner throughout.

Together, we will do all this within a small group, with lots of support from each other and with 100% of my lived experience and expertise – we build on community, trust & connection.

Here’s how…

The program has 10 modules, called ‘Growth Labs,’ although they are sequential as we move through the 3 months, they are available for you to also delve into at your own pace and to replay.

Live group coaching sessions will take place once a month. The 3 months include 2 ‘Integration Weeks’ along with the 10 Growth Labs. This allows time to fully reflect, play catch up and ensure the work we do is integrated into everyday life.

‘Growth Work’ is an integral part of the programme and there is only bite-sized practices to do.

Having completed our 3 months together, the entire programme curriculum (training videos, practical exercises, summary of all Q&A calls, and more) remains housed on the programme platform for you to use for 12 months.

‘Helping you find your Inner Balance‘ blends together practices and modalities from a multi-reveloutionary number of flexible therapeutic approaches


Applied Memory Deconsolidation & Reconsolidation by Gill Wood, Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy by Trevor Sylvester, Somatic Experiencing by Peter Levine, Polyvagal Theory by Stephen Poges, Mindful Self Compassion Programme by Kristen Neff, Integrated Parts Work by Brian Roet and Breath-work.

Frequently asked Questions…

If you have a question I don’t cover here please feel free to get in touch.

When does the programme start?

The next cohort begins on  22nd April 2024 – the programme is a blended mix of self paced video’s, recordings and exercises with 4 group therapeutic coaching sessions held on Zoom over the 3 months.

The group therapeutic coaching sessions will rotate in time and take place on a Tuesday at 7pm or 11am UK time. Sessions will be recorded, and available to watch in your own time if you can’t make them.

The group therapeutic coaching dates and times will be shared when you sign up.

I'm not sure how I feel about group coaching?
I get it, I wasn’t sure either! However my own experience of participating in group therapeutic coaching has been powerful – quiet periods of contemplation and slow steady processing of new information is what I needed – and actually got! You can be as vulnerable as you feel comfortable, knowing that being vulnerable is transformational.
Is there a payment plan?

Yes! I want my programme to be accessible so you will have the option to pay in full or in two 50% payments. 

Do you offer a guarantee?

This programme is designed and run firmly with you in mind. There is an expectation that YOU honour your investment and show up 100% of the time. I will do the same.

The programme is not a quick fix and does require commitment, if I offered you a back door way out would you still show up 100% of the time?

However, I believe in my programme as do previous participants – therefore if within the first 14 days you feel the programme is not for you I will refund your payment within 30 days, a £50 processing fee will be retained.

I'm not sure if this is right for me

I completely understand you might have concerns and offer a no pressure 30 minute free chat to discuss whether this programme would be a good fit for your needs. You can book here.

Who is this not for?
It is important for me to assess against any contraindications that may limit the scope of my work with you – this is for your own safety and for your ongoing health & wellbeing. I have a duty to always promote and protect your best interests.

If you have experienced or been diagnosed with the any of the following:
Functional Neurological Disorder (FND)
Bi-Polar Disorder
Admitted to hospital for a mental health crisis
Complex Trauma diagnosed by a Psychiatrist
Any other diagnosis by a Psychiatrist

Then please contact me to discuss before buying this programme.

The best part of what I do is helping my clients on their journey to being who they really want to be, without Anxiety…

Early Bird Offer

‘Helping you find your Inner Balance‘ – a 3 month blended group programme is available for a very limited time at the accessible and inclusive price of £397*  – will go up to £697 on 31st March 2024!

* Early bird participants will be requested to complete a short feedback survey.

Together we will learn, heal & grow which will enable the change, relief & freedom to STOP struggling and START thriving – unlocking a life BEYOND anxiety…

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