Life can be like unknown territories, one day you wake up and literally feel connected and in control. The next its like you have been hit in the face by the complete opposite , feeling low, sluggish and empty. But for no apparent or logical reason, apart from the passage of time nothing has materially changed. You carry the same responsibilities, your family dynamics are the same, you are still motivated and happy in your career, you are surrounded by people that
love and care for you, you have your health and even perhaps comfortable wealth.

Photo by Francisco Moreno on UnsplashWhy are we so different, why are some of us more susceptible then others to this fluctuation in our emotional state? Is it just our territory, our exposure to life events or just the very genes that make us who we are.… The science is complex and well documented however it still begs the question why? For some of us we have seen and experienced some of the worst that life can throw at us and yet we come through unscathed.

Diagnosis’s of Bipolar and other common mental health illnesses can come as a relief to those who have been on life’s rollercoaster however what about the rest – those that aren’t able to access help and support or don’t have the need for a structured approach to support their journey or feel too ashamed or isolated to ask for help? or simply a diagnosis isn’t necessary.

So does it help to know why? I guess it can help – the mind and the body are highly interconnected and we can see our emotional state affect our physical state simultaneously without any lag.

Microbiota in our guts play a part in creating neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine and
other amino acids that are vital for the creation of peptides in the body. Clearly a scientific link
that determines the mental health of a person. So again why? with this knowledge why do we
eat mindlessly at times and end up in a viscous cycle of being inherently unhappy with the way
we look and feel. Is our subconscious really that powerful?

Being told by the medical profession and the media that depression is on the increase, it’s
hereditary or that 1:4 of the population will suffer at some point primes us for the expectation
that what is actually just a bad day is to be anticipated as being a lot worse.

Knowing the why is really useful but what is much more useful to know is that there is a way to
break the cycle – invariably stress and anxiety can be attributed to those old scars that we carry,
ones that never really had a chance to heal. Those life experiences that may have borne into
insignificance at the time however our subconscious took a snap shot of and filled them deep

Feeling overwhelmed can come with the territory but to be feeling overwhelmed and not be able
to attribute that feeling to any given set of circumstances probably means that your new best
friend may well be anxiety.

So rather then always focusing on the why, be kind to yourself and know that you can take
control of your minds, so if you are not feeling your best and your fears and worries are stopping
you from being the best version of you then know that that there is the opportunity for you to
take action.

You really don’t have to know the full science but knowing you do have the opportunity to work
with someone who can help you to understand yourself. Making sense of those emotions and
how to take steps towards positive changes will see those bad days melt into insignificance.
“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath
away.” (Maya Angelou) so take those first steps and make that breakthrough call to me to assist you on your journey to growth.