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You can work 1:1 with me, join my blended programme, work through a specific issue intensively, attend a workshop, show up for a themed retreat or even join me for a locally held ‘walk to wellness’ session.

One-to one Therapy

Regular therapy with a personalised treatment plan


One-to-one Therapy

True, sustainable change comes from commitment, time, & deeply transformational work. For this I ask you to commit to an initial 8 sessions to maximise the impact of our work.

These sessions are for anyone who desires change, relief and freedom with consistent contact and rigorous accountability. Our work propels you forward, giving you the tools to not just master the challenges of life but to heal from your past.

To maximise the impact I have, I limit the number of one-to one clients I work with at any given time.

Online Programme

‘Helping you find your Inner Balance 

Swift access to tools & exercises

My tried and tested pathway to a calmer, confident and re-energised you

This 3 month blended programme will help you to unlock a life beyond Anxiety.


Online Blended Programme

My signature 3 month blended programme combines a number of therapeutic and coaching methods that will help you to unlock a life beyond Anxiety.

This is for you if...

  • Feel stuck with whirling thoughts, feelings & emotions
  • Tired of living in fear
  • Experience panic attacks
  • Always feel on edge
  • Tired and overwhelmed


  • Being in control of those pesky thoughts, feelings & emotions
  • Feeling confident and calm
  • Panic becomes a thing of the past
  • Feeling more relaxed and open to the challenges of life
  • More energised and happy

This programme is right for you if...

  • You have tried all sorts of personal development, listened to podcasts, tried Apps and been through therapy and yet still struggling.
  • You are happy to learn the theory and undertake 'growth-work on yourself to become your own therapeutic coach and healer - not expecting someone else to 'fix you'.
  • You can commit to the 3 months, with 6x 60 mins live online group sessions and self paced learning.
  • You have an open mind and are willing to listen to and try new things.
  • You are happy to work within a small group as well as being motivated to work independently - yet still being supported with accountability - the power of being vulnerable and sharing is truly transformational.

Standalone breath-work and group sessions with coaching

Explore a range of breathing techniques that will help you reduce the feeling of stress, overwhelm, panic and anxiousness. 


Standalone breath-work 1:1 and group sessions with coaching

Explore a range of breathing techniques that will help you reduce the feeling of stress, overwhelm, panic and anxiousness. 
Breath-work and Pranayama are some of the most powerful tools to improve your mental and physical health. More and more scientific studies have proven mental benefits like stress reduction, insomnia prevention, and emotion control as well as physical benefits like pain relief and a boost to the immune system. This is why Breath-work and Pranayama practice has become so popular.
The benefits of breath-work are numerous, and can include:
  • Relieve stress, anxiety & depression
  • Deep restorative sleep
  • Boost your immune system
  • A boost to energy levels
  • Brain empowerment & improved focus
  • Assists our journey of healing the mind and body
Together we will undertake a general breathing assessment to see if there are potential improvements to be made in your current breathing patterns.

The overall aim for these sessions is to educate you and move you towards improving your nervous system regulation, feel calmer, more relaxed and to have a sense of control on your overall state.

Intensive AMDR

4 week-long programme

Bespoke personalised treatment, sessions 2x per week* that can accelerate your
progress through therapy
*6 sessions spread over 4 weeks


Intensive AMDR

4 week-long programme

An intensive is a way to deliver treatment in an intensive but shorter period of time, over 4 weeks, where multiple AMDR sessions per week are completed.

New research shows that intensive therapy for trauma and stress can be extremely effective on symptom reduction.

I interweave Polyvagal Theory and Somatic Experiencing with AMDR into the sessions to further reduce and resolve symptoms.  

Intensive working is very specific and an extensive history take will be required prior to ensure suitability.

Clients with long-term childhood abuse or neglect, who have had years of traumatic events, are typically not advised to do an Intensive.

Ideal clients are those who have had a single stressful or traumatic event, such as an assault, life threatening illness or car accident.

Walk to Wellness

Is here to empower you to take control of your health, one step at a time,

incorporating transformational exercises, mindfulness, forest bathing

and breathwork – in small social groups


Walk to Wellness

Imagine being able to take control of your health, literally one step at a time?

My led walks incorporate a mix of simple transformational exercises, mindfulness, forest bathing and breathwork, conducted in small social groups.

Reconnect with nature and unwind from the stresses of everyday life with like minded folk, being taught the power of the breath - moving from the 'thinking mind' into your 'feeling body'.

Integrating Forest Bathing, based on the Japanese art of Shinrin-yoku, will allow you to slow down as you immerse yourself in the outdoors & forest environment.

I will show you how to use all your senses to connect with your surroundings, drawing on the power of nature to relieve tension, relax and nourish your sense of wellbeing.

Day Retreats

Take the plunge and immerse yourself in a themed retreat day,

retreats encompass nature, therapeutic coaching, breathwork & hot tubs

Restricted to 15 spaces


Day Retreats

Themed holistic healing days providing balance, days that will create a safe space for you to reconnect and cement your relationship with your self - 'Reclaiming Yourself'.

Stretch your mind and body in a number of bespoke thought provoking and change exercises, learn the power of the breath and movement.

Hosted in a breathing/bathing space located in the heart of the Cambridgeshire countryside, inspired by the philosophy of balance. Relax in open-air, wood-fired, red cedar hot tubs. Unwind and recharge in authentic Finnish barrel saunas.

Celebrate the connection with the outdoors through sensory experiences and re-connect with nature within 24 acres of rolling countryside.

Refuel in the cosy Hilltop Bistro with likeminded souls and friends. Recline by a crackling fire, take in the view and PAUS.


In person and online workshops



'Breaking free from Anxiety' virtual masterclass

Focus on learning what anxiety is, how it manifests and some of the simple neurobiology behind it. I will explain some useful and proven tools to help reduce symptoms and what else you may consider to do for self care during times of struggle. Get comfy, be somewhere where you are not disturbed and let's break the fear cycle together and bring about some calm in our lives. Sessions will run for approx 1.45hrs - 2hrs with a scheduled short break and includes my 'FREE Anti-Anxiety Toolkit' eBook for you to review and use after the session. 

  I had severe anxiety and depression to the point I wouldn’t leave my house.

Sharon has taught me how to change my mindset from constant negativity to finding the positives in anything. Sharon has given me the tools to not only understand and cope with anxiety but to overcome it. I am no longer depressed, and I can leave my house again, I feel like I’ve got my life back.


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Gratitude Toolkit

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